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If you are in a good place you are more likely to listen to others, encourage them and bring an aura of feeling blessed and being happy....

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The leader of the political movement or a leader in your company asks you to do a special task or project. You approach it with enthusiasm and get it done on ti...

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Grief is everywhere! Our experience with COVID 19 has and continues to bring us grief. In my business coaching practice and in my own life grief is at the foref...

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Fear causes us to grieve. We grieve because we have lost our sense of normal. We may have lost loved ones, our jobs, or our homes. Grief is the death of somethi...

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The two most important concepts for a civil, peaceful society to function are to have a clear definition of “what is okay” and “what is not okay....

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It is important to understand that each team member has preferred ways of thinking. As a leader, you may be able to discern what is the best hat for someone to ...

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The sad part for me is that the government was trying to do good and yet they got in the business of picking winners and losers....

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There are people I talk to who wish they could be back at work with their fellow employees....

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