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Rishi Sunak on Sunday (21) faced questions over home secretary Suella Braverman after reports she asked civil servants to arrange for her penalty driving course...

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who worked in his mother’s pharmacy as a young boy growing up in Southampton, was back in his hometown on Tuesday (9)....

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The Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, are anticipating significant losses in Thursday’s (04) local council elections....

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A new British law which seeks to bar the entry of asylum seekers arriving in small boats across the Channel was approved by the lower house of parliament on Wed...

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Indian philanthropist Sudha Murty has said her daughter Akshata Murty “made her husband a prime minister”....

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The government on Wednesday (19) published an updated list of ministers’ interests, including an outline of the affairs of prime minister Rishi Sunak....

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More questions await prime minister Rishi Sunak over his family’s financial interests following a standards investigation that was launched into a potential v...

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Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has emerged as one of the most popular leaders in the world once again, beating the likes of US president Joe Biden and Brit...

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