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One of the most often performed and most necessary things one can do to a piano is to have the action serviced. ...

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There are around 230 strings on the average piano. Each string on the piano has a unique pitch and frequency that must be tuned to the other strings. ...

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Scott has trained at Steinway and Mason and Hamlin and is a Certified Dampp-Chaser Installer. Experienced in all aspects of tuning, repair, and restoration...

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We make our clients’ pianos the best that they can be by providing expert tuning and repair, meticulous regulation, and peerless restoration....

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Welcome to NY Piano Works! Here to serve you and your piano. Book an Appointment Today. Expert Tuning and Repair....

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A piano is a very complex instrument, with up to 10,000 parts - many of which move and are subject to wear over time....

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