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It was only recently that outgoing British prime minister Boris Johnson’s vacation with his wife Carrie, who he married last year, caught the virtual world....

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THE UK and India on Thursday (21) signed an agreement to recognise each other’s higher education qualifications in a move welcomed by British universities....

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Prime minister Boris Johnson certainly went down fighting. Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak had decided that enough was enough,...

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MOMENTS after the news broke on Thursday (7) of British prime minister Boris Johnson’s decision to step down as the Conservative Party leader....

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Boris Johnson on Monday (6) survived a no-confidence vote by his own Conservative members of parliament (MPs) against his leadership but yet,...

12garavigujarati2022-06-070News 00

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a no-confidence vote among Conservative MPs following months of growing pressure....

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A Conservative lawmaker quit his role as an assistant to Britain’s home secretary on Friday (27), saying his work had been tarnished by the “toxic culture...

8indiaweekly2022-05-060News 00

BRITISH prime minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party lost control of traditional strongholds in London and suffered losses elsewhere in local elections....

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