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Stereo Microscope: CE-certified, long working distance to create enough space for the uses, Provide LWD 2X, 80 mm objective. For more information, visit www.lab...

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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Standard magnification range of 40X to 400X, excellent fluorescent image with high-resolution fluorescent objectives.For more. ...

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Inverted Biological Microscope Built with an infinite optical system, it offers bright field, phase contrast, and DIC observation. For more visit www.Labozon.co...

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The fluorescence microscope has a digital camera attachment for capturing still images and streaming live videos. This fluorescence microscope offers high-quali...

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Digital microscope is in demand for the provision of high-resolution images on the LCD screen. These microscopes are ideal for industrial as well as professiona...

8labozon2023-05-260Business 00

Biological Microscope Binocular Head, inclined at 30°, S-LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable, Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X, P16X.For more, visit www.labozon.c...

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A digital microscope is a lightweight, compact, and portable tool that helps you learn and find out small objects or structures across various settings...

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A digital microscope is a lightweight, compact, and portable instrument for learning and examining tiny objects or structures in a variety of environments....




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