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This feedback signal lasting less than a second – carried via extremely small radio frequencies – mirrors, but slightly differs from, the person’s own do...

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There may be significant reductions in symptoms across a wide range of conditions and issues, such as pain, fatigue, distractibility, sleep – 50%....

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Anton’s practice grew out of a strong desire to help people with their issues and relationship between the brain, mind and levels of experience....

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Anton Bluman, MS, AIBT is a licensed counselor, cognitive and communications specialist, certified in Neurofeedback, Reiki and Reconnective Healing, in private ...

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LENS Neurofeedback can help to balance the ANS, manage stressors, and enable resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges, so that we may more readily ...

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Today I want to talk about entrainment, and the fact that our brains are copycats that often mirror each other when one person is sending something to another....

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Creating a clear, more focused mind starts by making decisions about how we spend our time every day. ...

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Increasingly, researchers are finding stronger links between diet and brain health....

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