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The bruising race between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to become Britain’s next prime minister steps up a gear on Monday....

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The BBC said on Thursday it had agreed to pay “substantial damages” to the former nanny of Britain’s Prince William ....

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BRITAIN’s Boris Johnson will reportedly announce his resignation as Conservative leader, paving the way for an internal party ....

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A new portrait of Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate was released on Thursday, the first official artwork to feature the couple destined to be king an...

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Britain will begin legislating on Wednesday for a new Bill of Rights to give the government the power to ignore rulings from the European Court of Human Rights ...

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BY her own admission, home secretary Priti Patel’s hard line on immigration would have stopped her own parents coming to Britain but it has made her a darling...

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Britain’s House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is expected to pledge to make the lower house of Parliament “menopause-friendly”. ...

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BRITAIN’S Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday (12) overtook Thailand’s King to become the world’s second-longest reigning monarch in history, after France’s Lo...

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