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Many psychologists in the United States of America are required to take training to keep up with new developments in the field......

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There are several options for people who are interested in receiving training in biofeedback and neurofeedback for certification through the BCIA (Biofeedback C...

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Neurofeedback training has been shown to be effective for helping people with conditions like ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, seizures, and brain injuries. ...

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If you are a psychologist in the United States of America, depending on which state you are licensed in, ...

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The state of Texas has played an important role in neurofeedback. Several of the important early pioneers have come from or done much of their work in Texas....

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Biofeedback equipment has many applications including stress management, pain management, and peak performance....

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MyoTrac packs extreme sensitivity into a light, compact unit that works for you and your patient in the clinic or home....

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Concussions happen in many ways including sports and motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, military blast injuries, and physical assaults. ...

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