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U-Control has an adjustable threshold setting to enable health professionals and patients to revise and report on their training programs as they progress....

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These are real stories about real people struggling with post-concussion symptoms: terrible fatigue, headache and body pain, emotional swings, mental fog, insom...

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Here I will talk about another powerful relaxation tool that you can use with or without any physical tools....

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The American Psychological Association administers a program to provide credits for psychologists that are required by some states to maintain their licenses. ...

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Florida is an important place for neurofeedback. It is the home of the Florida Biofeedback Society which is based in Boynton Beach, Florida. ...

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With a course approved for APA continuing education credits for biofeedback or neurofeedback, a psychologist can receive a large number of required hours....

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This hypothesis holds that thought is matter and (like movies) thinking is a material process and an image making process based on memory. ...

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biofeedback or neurofeedback can be helpful with.  Using this technology along with coaching, mindfulness, relaxation techniques....

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