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The Alexander Technique helps you find long-term relief without the side effects of drugs or the physical cost of surgery. ...

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The Alexander Technique gives you a way to better understand how your body works. ...

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Judith Muir M.M. M.AmSAT., is a professional musician, award-winning music educator, and certified teacher of the Alexander Technique....

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All music making that is led by the ear, and singing has a flow and ease that is deeply rewarding to the student, as well as to the listener....

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Like many people in the last year, I have had to up my online game to be able to continue ......

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­Lessons in the Alexander Technique teach us how to stop and notice what we are doing to ourselves in response to a stimulus. ...

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What we see in young children of about 3 – 7 years of age is a dynamic and balanced coordination....

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Many of the aches, pains, and stress we feel are brought on by the demands of our daily lives and too often we turn to painkillers or pharmaceuticals for relief...




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