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There are numerous variables that will answer the question of how much an IPC-A-610 certification cost would be. Some of the major variables include......

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The IPC JSTD certification program for CIS candidates consists of hand soldering skills of someone who would be considered at the advanced level......

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BEST Inc provides various soldering and IPC training courses all over the US as per IPC doc standards. BEST is a certified master IPC Training and Solder Certif...

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IPC certification programs is an industry-wide accepted with an international standard that is based on an industry-wide IPC standard with quality Solder Traini...

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BEST offers high-reliability, cost-effective BGA reballing services featuring our patented EZReballâ„¢ preforms to restore all of your BGA's to their origin...

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The continued advancement in PCB density and the increased miniaturization of SMT devices, as well as the complexity of component packages, has made SMT rework ...

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Why Choose BEST for IPC training and Certification courses? BEST has trained thousands of industry professionals in 20 years of conducting IPC training....

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This J-STD-001 training kit is officially recognized solder training kit for IPC JSTD -001 Rev F/G in operator and instructor certification which includes vario...

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