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Cast all videos in iPhne including camera videos, iTunes videos, airdrop videos, converted amazon prime videos and other downloaded videos ...

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CnX Player. Play all videos in iPhne from one single app. Cast all videos in iPhne to TV. Enjoy streaming videos from iPhne to FireTV Stick and Chromecast. ...

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Aided by Intel HW+ - CnX Video Player is a FREE Media player app....

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Do multi tasking by switching to floating window media player on android....

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Powerful 4K HW+ media player with easy access to switch video decoding between hardware decoding and software decoding. All video codecs pack media player....

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Save the setting for continue video play from where it was left last or start all over again. ...

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Play videos in repeat mode or loop videos in a list ....

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Quick access to search videos in the media gallery by name in the most powerful & reliable Video Player - ...

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