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Under Ontario dog bite and animal attack law, the owner of the animal is liable for the injuries caused. With the help of our lawyers, we can assess your claim....

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In Motorcycle Accidents, sometimes both the parties are victim. We will then apply our experience of personal injury laws to recover the compensation you deserv...

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Snowmobile accidents are much more serious than motor vehicle injuries. Our experienced lawyers will negotiate on your behalf to maximize your compensation....

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Slip & Fall injuries come under occupiers liability law settlements. Through this you deserve to be safe where ever you’re visiting. Get free help without obl...

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In most long term disability cases, disputes arise to verify if the injury qualifies as a disability. Our long-term disability lawyers have extensive experience...

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Let our skilled lawyers investigate your truck accident and determine the liable parties for the accident. We will help you seek the maximum compensation you de...

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Brain injuries have a life-changing impact on the lives of the victims. Our injury lawyers are knowledgeable & experienced in dealing with brain injuries....

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For an auto car accident or a motor vehicle injury, our team of personal injury lawyers at Graves and Richard can help in maximizing your compensation....

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