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Add a dollop of freshness and health to your meals with Suvai foods. Get fresh malai paneer and desi cow ghee packed and delivered to your doorstep....

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Kickstart your day or end it with a warm cup of Suvai tea and coffee. Choose from a variety of hot drinks from Masala Chai to South Indian Filter Coffee....

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It's time to satiate your South Indian food cravings with easy meals, idli, dosa, instant soups in ready to cook and ready to eat meals from Suvai foods....

31suvaifoods2021-12-060Food 00

Your wish is our command. Get the full menu of the healthiest and tastiest Indian food, ready to eat meals, fresh paneers and batters from Suvai foods....

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Treat yourself to a world of delicious Indian foods, from breakfast to dinner with fresh batters, mixes, masalas and ready to eat meals from Suvai Foods....




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