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Dr.G.Balaji ,MS,M.ch, DNB (Plastic) is skillfully trained in Aesthetic Surgeries where he deals with liposuction, body contouring abdominoplasty, and aesthetic ...

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The Second Opinion app is very popular and it delivers the best treatment options available in the online market. It connects the patients with Doctors directly...

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The second opinion app provides leading healthcare advocacy, decision support, and the best medical service. This app supports deep clinical expertise....

COVID-19 patients who are having diabetes were forced to face a worse prognosis because of multiple factors. Consult a doctor online on vaccinations if you have...

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Consult Skin Care Specialist Online on the Second Opinion App and get instant care from our Expert Dermatologist at any time....

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Ask all the doubts you have about your health condition and get the best answers from the most experienced gynecologist online at Second Opinion App....




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