31safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro offers best CCTV Camera with face recognition technology, time attendance management system, encrypted data & video security & much more applications fa...

20safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro provide best ANPR(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera with numerous solutions such as Vehicle Number plate recognition, license plate detection v...

21safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro provides temperature screening cameras with thermal imaging and dual sensor cameras for detecting human temperature and fever screening of people meant ...

18safepro2022-11-170Accommodation 00

Safepro provide best CCTV manufacture and dealers company in Bangalore. Top brands of CCTV cameras in India, surveillance cameras cognitive surveillance ...

24safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro ANPR(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) offers numerous solutions such as license plate detection, automated parking solution, regulated access contro...

28safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro provide perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) AI based vision technology system eliminating the false positive alerts of the traditional fiber and...

29safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro provides the best cctv security camera for School, colleges and universities with comprehensive solutions such as smart poles, Face recognition time ...

18safepro2022-11-170Business 00

Safepro provides best security cctv cameras for factory and corporate campus with cognitive surveillance, time and attendance management, perimeter intrusion de...

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