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Legacy systems are IT systems that have been in use for several years or even decades and are still being used despite being technologically outdated....

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IT projects are not always successful—such is the price of innovation. Yet, depending on the source, up to 85% of these projects fail, which seems astronomica...

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Du siehst dich im Zuge eines Unternehmenszukaufs demnächst mit der Anforderung konfrontiert, ein System zu archivieren? Mit unserer Archivlösung ViewBox...

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We are experts in retiring applications while archiving outdated systems. We are substantially more functional, quick, and cost-effective....

We have been archiving legacy systems for international companies for many years. Our expertise ranges from structured data from ERP or CRM systems...

12enveralbers2022-12-070Computer 00

AvenDATA ist spezialisiert auf die Archivierung von Altsystemen nach Systemstilllegungen und Systemkonsolidierungen. Zudem führt AvenDATA IT Carve outs ...

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With it the past of your company is ‘in secure hands’, as well as the future. Because the ViewBox fulfills the legal requirements of the new EU data protect...




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