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Heating tools can always make your hair look magical....

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As I was taking an online course to get my Certification to be an accredited Business Life Coach, not so much to be a life coach....

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3 Reasons Why you Decorate. I’m just going to shoot you strait about this one....

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What’s Going on with this Hair? Do you ever just want to roll out of bed and have your hair look stunning? ...

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With Reign Studio’s Novalash Eyelash extensions you can swim, run, lift weights, dance, and do whatever you like...

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My lashr is a premium eyelash extension home service provider in Delhi and Mumbai. Feel the pleasure of eyelash home service at your doorstep....

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The Speaker/Host was introducing the Course Educator to all that were in attendance and as usual, the taking of notes was just not my style of learning....

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The experts of Reign Studios busting the myth that you can’t swim and sweat with your eyelash extensions on, and enjoy a good, long, deep swim in the hot summ...

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